Well hello there.

My name is Lauren and I am a young woman who seeks to find the best she can in this world by trusting in The One who set it into motion. This world is so vast. I bet there are more than a billion crevices that have gone unseen and untouched in this great world of ours. I am busy- but I don’t ever want to be too busy to stop every once in a while and take it all in. To praise The Lord. To love people. To help people. I just want to live my life in a way that reflects Christ wherever I go. But here’s the thing: we (myself included) all get so caught up in this crazy world we call home to the point that we tend to fall into this deep pit of what we are supposed to do, be, and accomplish. We try our best to hold on to what God wants for our lives, but we get distracted. A project causes us to stay up all night. A guy or girl drives us crazy. Sports and other activities instill in us a sense of competition and determination that takes over everything. Amidst the madness, we lose the point of why we roam this earth: to serve God and spread the name of Jesus Christ as our savior. My goal with this blog is to give you a place where you can come and take a breather. A place where you can sit back, read, and see God’s plan for you again; not school’s, work’s, or even your parents’. Life is big, but God’s life planned for you is bigger.



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