For The Turbulent Heart…

If I could put words to a heart break or heart confusion that only Jesus knows how to fix…it would be these. My hope is that God speaks through them to all of us:

I have a turbulent heart that needs mending.

I’m tired of smiling and pretending.

All this wasted time I’ve been spending

On heavy thoughts that have been sitting on my heart pending.

Anxiety in my head is rendering

A life that’s all about emotional vending.

I don’t want to be constantly tending

To a mind that’s bending.

It’s a persistent battle that needs an ending.

So I looked up and saw Jesus bending.

I was unaware of the angels He had been sending.

My heart He has been defending.

When my cries had been ascending,

It was still me He was set on befriending.

And now I see that I had been miscomprehending.

Broken relationships may be trending

But that’s not for me what God is intending.

Human love alone is not enough on which to be depending.

It has a habit of rescinding.

But on us God’s love is descending.

Our hearts eternally mending.

All for us to know that His L O V E is unending.

Never pending.


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