Stories from Cape Town: Owame

imageStory time: This is Owame. She loves playing with hair & the color pink. I had the pleasure of having her on my team (GO BLACK TEAM) at the camp we were putting on. We were coloring a worksheet with a cross on it that read “Jesus loves me”. As it was the last day & we had been talking all about the hope found in this Jesus guy all week, I decided to point at the sheet & ask, “do you believe that?” What happened next made my heart burst. Her entire face lit up & her eyes sparkled as she looked intently into mine & exclaimed, “Yes!! Jesus loves me!!” It was in that moment when I remembered WHY we came here….& this was it.

We didn’t cross an ocean to simply have fun with some kids who could use the encouragement in their tough living conditions. No, we came for more. We came to tell people that they were LOVED. By a God who understands, will never give up on, is a perfect Father to, & unconditionally LOVES them. Through acting out Bible lesson plays onstage, preaching mini sermons, & leading super fun teams to victory in all sorts of games made to revive the kids’ sense of childhood again…..we came & left South Africa in hope.
Mission trips aren’t about snapping pics & feeling good about yourself for making a difference. They are simply for moments like this. And these moments aren’t limited to traveling overseas. They could happen in your very own backyard. You don’t need to be on a trip to be on a mission. Go love everyone…& you could see this moment in anyone.


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