Made to Matter

Have you ever helped someone out and all of a sudden felt good inside? You don’t have to believe in God to have these emotions. There is something about helping others that causes a certain reaction in all of our hearts that is undeniable. It is nearly universal.

But what is it? WHY do we feel good when we help other people? Does it simply feel right because it is human nature to be kind to your neighbor?

No. It is natural to be jealous, self centered, and greedy for power over others. If you want proof of this, try taking a toy away from a young child. It isn’t pretty, but it’s natural. No one told them to react in that way. However, this is just proof of how we are are all born imperfect sinners in need of a Savior.

Is it because we genuinely feel good about the happiness you caused the person we helped?

Partly. It does in fact usually bring us joy to see a person’s happy response to our helping action. Yet, this is not the root cause of that “good feeling”. It is more impactful than that.

Is it all just a pride thing?

A little bit. Let’s be honest with ourselves- pride is a sneaky sin that we often overlook. We can easily be proud of how useful we were to someone…or proud of how well we used our lives to mean something….which leads me to the greatest cause of that “good feeling”:


Here’s something important to realize: Regardless of following Jesus or believing in God, we all discover something about ourselves in the moments we are helpful. We discover that we are VALUABLE.

Know this also:

Once we DO something that seems to matter in this world, we feel like WE seem to matter.

Everyone in the world, whether they say it or not, wants to feel like they are worth something. And they usually feel that worth when making a difference for something greater than themselves- which brings me to my next question.

Where does purpose come from and why do we all seek it?

The answer is really just summed up in one sentence:

It comes from God because He made you to matter.  

That’s right. God made you. He MADE you to help others. He MADE you to provide assistance to those who need it. He MADE you to bind up the wounds of the brokenhearted. He MADE you to share the love of Jesus. He MADE you for a purpose. He MADE you to MATTER.

And He didn’t just make you. He made ALL of us. For one single purpose: to love everyone in hopes that everyone would love Jesus.

See, when you help someone, you are demonstrating God’s love. And God’s love through others is something that many people in this broken world do not experience on a daily basis. But yet, they all need it desperately. And YOU have the power to provide it! You can be the difference in someone’s day, week, month, year, life, and ultimately…their eternity.

However, you don’t have to believe in God to feel good about doing good. Yet, the very fact that you have this feeling is evidence that you are very much a product of His creation. If you really want proof of a living God, the answer lies in us all. Everyone on this earth is living, breathing, and visible confirmation that we mean something, want to mean something, and were MADE to mean something. The simple yet uncontainable desire to be valuable is what makes us all somehow the sameproving that we were all made by the same Creator. It is the one attribute that we ALL share. And it is also pure evidence of His fingerprints on each of our lives.

So it’s no wonder it feels good to help others- it’s our God-given purpose.

We were made to be difference makers and world changers for God.

But the real question is, will you be one of them?

No matter who you help or what you do in this world, there is only one action of love that truly matters. It’s called surrender. Love God so much that you let go and allow Him to take your life into His hands. It is by His will alone that we find the way in which He wants us to matter. And that’s what matters MOST.


2 thoughts on “Made to Matter

  1. Lauren, Dad forward your latest Blushgirl post, as he always does. Each ones has touched my heart in a special way, and this one is no different. I pray every day that I can made a difference in a life that day, either by helping someone who feels there is no way, or praying, or providing the gift of time and friendship.
    Through the years that have past I have found my self in more instances than I can ever explain in a valley where there is no way out, and GOD has provided a way through other (just like you are talking about). I do not know who they are, but I know God put them there just when I needed it the most. He made a way when there was no other way, and I am still amazed at why he would put the burden on the hearts of those who care about me. I also want to be one of the people God uses on this earth, I do not have much monitarily to give, but I have found that there are gifts of taking someone to the doctor who does not have a way; or reading to someone who cannot see; volunteering time, so many needs for so many things. Your latest blog reinforced how important it is to remember that “giving” is one of the greatest blessings of all.

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    • Wow- thank you so much for your wonderful encouragement!! I am so joyful that God has used this post to make an impact on your heart. God truly is amazing in the way that He works through each of our lives in fantastic ways both unforeseen and undeniable. And you are right- even the actions we see as small can result in the greatest impressions on others and their view of not only us as kind people and strangers, but of God as their loving Father. It also really means a lot to me that you take the time to read my blog. Thank you so much for the kind and insightful words as well. God bless!


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