What Ballet Taught Me About Faith

Faith, like ballet, often doesn’t start out pretty. It isn’t perfect. And frankly, it never will be. No matter how hard we try. However, it does GROW. Little by little, just like technique developed through the progression of ballet classes, it gets stronger.

It started out as only a few steps. They were weak and frail. But you gave it your all. Changes start. Opportunities arise. Chances come. But with faith, just like in ballet, new experiences aren’t always easy.

Challenges arrive. Nervousness kicks in. Fear rattles us. Self doubt brews. Tears pour. Sometimes for good, sometimes for bad. Your strength and stamina is tested. How much longer can you last? Are you really cut out for this? Why do you even try? You aren’t good enough. You are too weak. Give up.

Ballet is a test of mental and physical endurance in the face of a mirror. Faith however, is a test of SPIRITUAL endurance in the face of all human trial…making it a much more difficult test. While ballet is endurance of the mind and body, faith is endurance of the heart. You can build both your dance skills and your heart. Yet, there is still a great divide that exists between the two:

You can always quit ballet, but you can’t quit eternity.

Now, the next thing you know; you are onstage for the whole audience to see. Stay focused. This is the moment. You are prepared. You are ready. You have practiced. And practiced. And practiced. For years.

Faith can present us with similar moments: when the build-up of trust in God little by little…the practice of loving God and loving others…leads you to a moment you would not have been ready for earlier in your faith progression. But now God has prepared You. Prepared Your heart. To glorify Him. Through love, prayer, action, service, wisdom, or words. Put away the nerves. All you have to do is take hold of God’s infallible hand and DANCE.


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