Titanium Heart

As I start this 4 part series revolving around the word “titanium”, I’d like to fill you in a little bit on some background information that may help you better understand the topic while you read. For starters, what do you know about the metal titanium? After doing a little research and having a scary flashback to Chemistry class, I gained that titanium has three very important qualities: strength, low weight, and a resistance to high temperatures. I find these qualities to be very similar to the characteristics of what a relationship with Jesus should be like. He makes you strong. He lifted the burdens of sin from your shoulders so that you are able to walk through life weightless. And lastly, He also gives us so much spiritual strength that we are able to build up a sense of resistance and resilience when faced with trials of high stakes or stress. This last component leads me to address my first part of the series regarding such strength and resistance: the titanium heart.

Jesus never wished for us to be average. He never wanted us to simply drift through life like plastic bags (appreciate or ignore the Katy Perry reference). He wants us to LIVE. However, living requires letting go. Living requires releasing the physical and embracing the spiritual. And in life, you may notice there is a great divide between what is regarded as physical and what is regarded as spiritual. An easy example would be the heart. You see, we often refer to “heart” in society as either the muscle that is necessary for life, or the figurative controller of emotion and action. Depending on the context, its definition varies. So which one is more important? Shouldn’t the almighty life giver that pumps blood into our veins 24/7 be number one in our figurative hearts? Shouldn’t we give all the fame to the heart that literally supplies us with constant life? But see that’s where the truth ends. The physical heart is not the one that actually gives life. Surprise. Sure, by medical standards it does- but not by spiritual standards. And a spiritual heart, previously referred to as society’s figurative device to direct emotions, is far more important than any piece of flesh that breathes medical “life” on this earth. Why? Because life is not found in the physical, but in the spiritual. What’s more is that our physical hearts one day will be no more. In fact, every organ, muscle, tissue and ligament currently keeping you alive will one day be nonexistent. It will return to dust- the same dust that God used to create you in the first place. However, God did not just use that dust to make you. When He made you, He instilled something inside of you that will last far beyond the limit of the grave. It will last for eternity. It is your soul. It is your heavenly heart that will continue to beat into the great expanse of God’s infinity. Believe it or not, there’s actually a simple explanation for this. His name is Jesus.

See, when you believe in Jesus and accept Him into your everlasting spiritual and heavenly heart, He does something truly incredible that exceeds all concepts of human understanding. He takes your spiritual heart, and makes it titanium strong. Imagine that you have to get a hip replacement made out of titanium (which is actually pretty common these days apparently). One day, far after you have been buried and all flesh and bone that was ever a part of your body has decomposed in the grave, only one thing will remain. That titanium hip. Despite everything else withering away, it will stay strong and durable till the end of time as we know it. Titanium is said to last forever. In the same way, the only thing that will truly last of you when you die is the spiritual heart and soul that continues to beat. Jesus makes your heart stand the test of time.And a titanium heart does not just mean that you will live a life with Jesus for eternity after your flesh dies, it also means that your spiritual heart through the power of Jesus Christ will be strong enough to handle the bullets of life on earth while you are here. However, once again I must remind you that we are not speaking in the physical here. These types of bullets of life have the power to shatter you spiritually, not physically. However, once Jesus molds your heart with titanium, nothing can truly knock you down. See, the spiritual heart can most definitely be damaged like the physical one- but in a different way. A spiritual heart can be penetrated by spiritual enemies. It can be stabbed by words. Punctured by insecurities. Thrown by temptation. Shot by guilt. And most importantly, stopped by LIES. You don’t want your heart to stop working spiritually due to the deception that this world hits you with. You aren’t pretty enough. You aren’t worth it. Your flaws make you unacceptable. You are too broken. These lies are more degrading than any physical wound. They cause more pain than a knife. This is why I said earlier that life does not come from the physical heart. It comes from the spiritual one. Breaking down the spiritual heart is far worse than breaking down the physical. Physical life itself becomes irrelevant as spiritual life becomes targeted by the arrows of doubt and fear. This depletion of spiritual life is unfortunately what often leads to physical death inflicted on oneself. Unfortunately, you see it all the time. Suicide is a powerful thing that impacts everyone in a community, not just the people who knew the person. It is heartbreaking because it reveals a lifelong process of spiritual depletion. In the world we live in, it is so easy to slip into this downward spiral. The spiritual rocks thrown at us have a habit of building and building to the point where they weigh down so heavily on our souls that we seek ways to simply end it all or just collapse under its mounting weight…and let the world do whatever it wants to us.

But there is hope. There IS a way out! Our spiritual hearts were made to be coated in titanium, NOT the heavy rocks of the world! When I introduced this series, I mentioned that titanium had three properties. It is strong, lightweight, and resistant to high temperatures. The same applies to a titanium heart welded together by Jesus. It is strong and will last for all eternity- an eternity with Him. It is not heavy by any means. Your sin, guilt, and shame were removed from your heart when Jesus became sin and died on the cross to free us of these things.

“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”

-Matthew 11:28-30

And lastly, when you accept Him into your heart and He makes these titanium “renovations”, He also makes you more resistant to corrosion from the temptations and trials of this world. So go. Live your life. Let go. Focus not on the condition and health of the physical heart, but on the condition of the spiritual heart. You’ll find one day in Heaven that that was the only thing that ever mattered to God anyway.